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Why Bless me Indeed The book?

​​​Bless me Indeed is one of the most talked about a book written by author Janet Kisyombe. This colorful book “Bless Me indeed” is all about the prayer of Jabez. The author took the title from the first line of the prayer; where as Jabez cried to God of Israel to bless him indeed. Most of us when we pray we feel guilty to pray to God to bless us indeed. This book will teach you that it is ok to go to God to pray for more, pray a selfish prayer. It is ok to ask God to bless you abundantly. We serve the one true living God, the God of the universe.

The Prayer of Jabez might be one of the shortest stories ever written in the Bible. But it is one of the stories that one can learn a lot about ways of life, and it is strongly believed to be filled with Godly divine powers. This prayer is so powerful if applied correctly and diligently, it will literally transform one’s life as it did to Jabez.

The Prayer of Jabez is very fascinating to the author Janet Kisyombe, in a sense that out of only two verses one can learn so much and be empowered. Every chapter that is written in Bless me indeed the book in one way or another, the materials have been captivated around this short prayer. Some of the topics that are covered in “Bless Me Indeed” the book are topics like obedience and fear for one true God, blessings, meaning of acquiring total abundance, what it means to have God’s favor, divine protection, the power of one’s name, life’s legacy, the power of tongue and words that we speak.

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What is the Prayer of Jabez?

​​The prayer of Jabez is a reminder that even people in the Bible were human. They struggle with the same feelings that we do in everyday life. They also have the same choices as well. They can choose to pray and look to God for answers, or they can opt to turn away. Jabez, however, decided to turn to God and pray. The prayer of Jabez is found in the book of 1 Chronicles 4:10.

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel,
“Oh, that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted this request. (NIV)

How can The Prayer of Jabez help us in our daily life?

The prayer of Jabez is a well-known prayer to many believers. Many believers have been helped because it is a great model to base their prayers around. For example, Jabez first knew that he needed to cry out to the God of Israel. And so he did! Isn’t this something that we should all do?We need to cry out to our Holy God of Israel? Jabez did just that! He asked God to enlarge his borders. Jabez knew that anything was possible with God or he would not have even asked him to do that.

Secondly, he was wise to ask God to bless him. Jabez understood that true blessings came from God. How often do we forget that just waking up in the mornings is a blessing? We think that our alarm clock is what woke us up but in reality, it is God that opened our eyes to another beautiful day. We too need to remember that true blessings come from our awesome Creator.

Thirdly, Jabez prayed that God’s hand would be with him. Isn’t this something that we yearn for when we go through difficult situations? We want to feel the hand of God like nothing else. However; at the same time, there are others in the world that do not want anything to do with God nor do they believe in Him.

Lastly, Jabez asked God to keep him from harm. Jabez knew that God was his Protector and he trusted Him. This to me was very comforting! Some people say that you should not ask God to take care of you and that you should just know that He will.  However; asking him to keep you from harm well, that is the real sign of trust! Look at it like this. You are asking your Father for what you need. Sometimes we do not have things only because we do not ask or we ask with wrong motives.
I would just say when it comes to prayer to examine your own heart and mind. Then, remember this powerful prayer of Jabez! It will indeed bless you as God enlarges your very own borders through simple trust and obedience!

The prayer of Jabez is designed for all people from all walks of life. It is one prayer for poor or for very rich. It is a universal prayer in a sense that it is applicable to all of us regardless of religion. Gender, age, education, culture and background. You can literally apply the prayer of Jabez in almost everything I your life. Learn how you can apply this prayer in your health, finances, family protection, love life, work etc. Pray every day for God to bless you indeed, enlarge, expand, and give you his heavenly divine protection. Be Blessed my friends.

What to Do When God Is Not Answering Your Prayers?

When you have been praying for something and God is not answering your prayer, do not lose hope. Instead you must review yourself and your process and correct both.

To review yourself ask yourself what kind of God you have. This is the one question that Christians need to ask themselves but never do. The kind of God that you have deep down is not necessarily the one to which you pay lip service: the one Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God, with all the attributes that you have heard from ministers, lecturers, and books. The kind of God you have is the one which you believe: the one in whom you have put perfect trust. You can tell by what that is from what you think and feel in the depth of your heart, in the quiet of the night when you lose sleep, or in the way you react to circumstances. God is for you what you think He is. Look at it this way – if you genuinely believe that:

  • God is all-powerful, why are you afraid?
  • The Creator of all can change your circumstances instantly why do you expect your answer in the future?
  • God is love, why do are you hurt by others? Why do you hurt others? Why do you criticize?
  • God is all-knowing why do you doubt your abilities?
  • God answers all prayers, why do you keep asking? Don’t you believe that you will get your answer?

The Bible tells us, "Thou shall not limit the Holy One of Israel," but you limit Him every day, fearing the worldly powers, and you wonder why you fail to get answers. Your beliefs and your feelings must go hand in hand.

Now review your process. You see prayer is not just the loud and long declaration. Prayer is what you feel in your heart. The key to a powerful prayer lies in what Jesus taught us in Mark 11:24, "Whatsoever ye ask, BELIEVING you receive it, that shall be done unto you." So you have to follow a formula that works.
  1. Prepare in your heart what you are going to pray about. What image, will indicate that the answer has come? Congratulations from a friend for getting the promotion? Or you driving that car you are going to pray about? Create a 1-minute movie of that in your mind’s eye.
  2. Now go into the silence (remember Matthew 6:6) and say a bold prayer, stating what you desire. Then make your declaration similar to the prayer of Jabez, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." (1Chronicles 4:10).
  3. End your prayer by thanking God for answering your prayer.
  4. Now you can relax, knowing that the answer is coming. From now on, in the evening before going to bed and first thing in the morning, go into the silence. See yourself in the image of the desire fulfilled as you imagined in 1 above. And say thank you, Father. This is what believing means.

There is no need to repeat your prayer for the same thing (see Matthew 6:7). God heard your prayer already. It is your belief in the answer that will make it come true, not vain repetitions.

When God closes a door!

How many times have you ever prayed for something you wanted and God answered those prayers? Probably more times than you realize. Sometimes we just scurry throughout our day forgetting all the prayers that God has already been answering. For example, was there ever a time that you said your bedtime prayers asking God to be with the people you love, and God was with them the very next day when they went through a challenging circumstance? What about the times you asked for patience? You were so tired of flying off the handle when things got out of hand. Back then, you did not realize that patience was something that had to be learned. So, God allowed difficulties to come into your life so your character could be refined.

However; what about all the other times when you have prayed and heard silence? You questioned and wondered if God was even listening to you!  You begin blaming yourself.  Maybe I don’t have enough faith? Maybe I don’t deserve what I am asking for? Could it be that I’m not praying hard enough? Maybe I am not even Christian enough? Trust me. We have all experienced those feelings!
Many of us have spent much time on our knees pouring our heart and soul out to God. Maybe a loved one is sick, and we keep praying for healing here on Earth, but the only thing we continue to see is their pain and suffering. Maybe we are praying for a spouse? Do we not understand why God has not sent that faithful marriage partner that we can always rely on?  Maybe we keep praying for our son or daughter to get closer to God Himself but yet they seem to be slipping away more and more every day. Whatever the situation is and no matter the answer God is always in control.

Below let’s explore three critical responses we should incorporate into our daily lives when God says No.

Don’t get mad at God. 

God loves you more than anybody in this world.  He also does more for you than anyone ever has. He woke you and your loved ones up this morning when He breathed those I loves you’s all over your face. You were sleeping and didn’t know that He watched over you all night long. You see! God never sleeps. He constantly has his eyes on his children. We shouldn’t get mad at God for the mere fact that he is so patient and loving toward us. His love is unconditional. It has no limits. The Bible says: Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for us!

Still, Trust Him.

God is faithful and worthy of your trust. When you trust God, while you do not have all the answers, that is a sign of obedience. Do you remember in the Bible where the Lord talked to Abraham? God told Abraham to leave his land and go to the land that God would show him. (Genesis 12:1) Abraham did not even know where he was going. However; he trusted God and just let Him lead the way. This is the kind of faith that we need to have. When we have this kind of faith the peace of God will rule in our hearts because we understand that his answer No may be protecting us from unforeseen harm.

Thank Him for the door He closed. 

When God closes a door, it is because he has something better in mind for you. You might not know what that better thing is right away but rest assured He is bringing it to pass right before your eyes. When you thank God for the door He closes that shows the utmost respect to Him in more ways than you could ever imagine. Moreover, doesn’t He deserve your respect? God sent His only Son into this world to die for your sins. He left Heaven to come to Earth for you! Can you imagine leaving such a beautiful place to come here? I mean, that probably had to be quite a change. This Earth had to be worse than one of the dirtiest campgrounds when compared to Heaven! However, yet! That is our Jesus! He humbled Himself! Even to the point of getting hung on a cross! To me, His outstretched arms represented how much He loves us! His arms were looking east and west! The Bible says: As far as the east is from the west Jesus has removed our transgressions. (Psalm 103:12)

So as the saying goes…Until God opens another door….just Praise Him in the hallway!